Contrastive Analysis of Consonants in English and Vietnamese

English consonants, Vietnamese consonants, contrastive analysis, differences, L2.


  • Nguyen Thanh Huyen
    Foreign Languages Faculty, HCMC University of Food Industry, Vietnam.
June 8, 2021


Language is an intensely indispensable tool. It has tremendous functions in communication. One is communicating and conveying messages, thoughts and ideas, feelings, insights, and mental treasures and values of a communicative society. Also, it enhances and strengthens fellowships, companionships, relationships and economic and cultural cooperation. However, language is very indistinct, unclear and confusing. This contrastive linguistics analysis will compare the consonants between English and Vietnamese. Thus, the author synthesizes stored information from various sources to compare differences in consonants between English and Vietnamese in comparative points. Then, some implications and discussion would be drawn for teaching English pronunciation, aiming at helping English learners pronounce like native speakers. The findings show that there are significant differences between English and Vietnamese consonants. This paper is intended to help teachers and English learners review English and Vietnamese consonants to minimize mistakes in their pronunciation, accommodating learners to build their confidence to communicate in L2.