An Investigation into Factors Affecting Hufi Students Poor English Performance: A Case Study of Non-English Major Third-Year Students at Ho Chi Minh University of Food Industry

English learning, performance, difficulty, factor, strategy, teaching methods, fundamental knowledge, practice English, language barriers.


  • Le Vu Ngan Ha
    Faculty of Foreign Languages, Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry, Vietnam
June 8, 2021


It is undeniable that most students learning English as a foreign language at universities face many problems. This study was conducted to explore some reasons that impact HUFI students low English Learning. The subjects of this quantitative research were the third-year students in two classes—each respondent listed 10 reasons why students are poor in English performance. The study's findings revealed some primary factors, including firstly, the majority students stated that they were not confident enough to use English in class because of shyness and concern about making mistakes. Second, students lack fundamental knowledge and skills. Third, students do not have opportunities to practise English with native teachers because of big size classes. Fourth, students are not satisfied with some teachers’ teaching methods. Last but not least, students are not well-motivated, encouraged and instructed to apply some effective learning strategies.