An Investigation into Factors Affecting Concentration of University Students

Attention span, distractions, solutions, teacher’s roles, concentration, university students


  • Hanh Vy Le
    Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
June 8, 2021


Concentration is one of the most influential decisive factors in student’s learning quality. The higher the student's level is, the less concentration they pay in class, especially university students. Owing to this low level of concentration ability, many lecturers find it hard to maintain their enthusiasm when teaching students from this level, and also those students find it hard to achieve the best outcome when graduating from university. For that reason, this article will provide an understanding of all the distractions that undergraduate students may have during their class. Also, the roles of a teacher will be put into a discussion so that readers as teachers from all levels can have a better and deeper look into this academic job, with the hope that they may find it useful for any of their changes later if they think it is necessary so that their learners can have better experiment with them in class. And after all the analysis, this article will suggest some good and applicable solutions that can be applied to improve the situation. Hopefully, this would advance the teaching and learning quality in the university environment.