Teachers' Implementation of CEFR-aligned Curriculum: A Preliminary Study



  • Gloria Chong Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysi, Bangi, Malaysia
  • Hamidah Yamat Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Malaysia


teacher’s implementation, CEFR-aligned curriculum, curriculum implementation


This paper acted as a preliminary study to discover the degree of Malaysian teachers’ readiness in CEFR implementation and the CEFR implementation practices in the English as the second language (ESL) classroom. This study implies a survey research design. An online google form survey questionnaire was disseminated to in-service teachers through convenient random sampling. The respondents are twenty Malaysian primary school ESL teachers from different school settings. The respondents answer a closed-ended questionnaire that elicits their readiness in the CEFR-aligned curriculum implementation and their frequency in using the CEFR-aligned curriculum's resources and assessment. The online data gathered were tabulated and further analysed using IBM SPSS Statistics version 22. This study concludes that the CEFR-aligned curriculum is moving in a positive direction. However, the overall readiness for the implementation needs more improvements, and the resources given should be into full use.


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Chong, G., & Yamat, H. . (2021). Teachers’ Implementation of CEFR-aligned Curriculum: A Preliminary Study . Journal of English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics , 3(3), 05-09. https://doi.org/10.32996/jeltal.2021.3.3.2