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Vol. 4 No. 4: Journal of Economics, Finance and Accounting Studies

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Published: 2022-10-01

Research Article

The Impact of Financial Technology, Intellectual Capital and Board of Commissioners on Banking Financial Performance

Putri Dwi Wahyuni, Siti Sarpingah, Danang Choirul Umam

Price Volatility Analysis of Red and Cayenne Pepper of Java Islands during Covid-19 Pandemic

Maria Nina Egyna Brahmana, Sahara, Nia Kurniawati Hidayat

Investment Decision Using Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) in Indonesia’s Banking Sector

Sri mulyaningsih, Jerry Heikal

The Effect of Company Size, Profitability, Liquidity, Listing Age, and Public Ownership on Internet Financial Reporting

Revinda Bonita, Erna Setiany

Analyzing and Measuring the Impact of Customs Taxes on the Gross Domestic Product in Iraq for the Period (2004–2021)

Khalaf Mohammed Hamad, Hassan Khalaf Radi, Muthanna Mayoof Mhmood

Financial Reporting Quality: The Effectiveness of the Corporate Governance Quality Evidence from Indonesia

Agustinus Salukh, Noorlailie Soewarno

Shaping a Polycentric Metropolis: A Case Study of the Intra-city Polycentricity of the Yangtze River Delta

Zhiwei Chen

Tongkonan as A Digital Community Literature Center: Empowerment of the Youth Generation of Lembang Lempo Poton, North Toraja

Lisa Kurniasari Wibisono

Analysis of Financial Literacy and Financial Behavior on Stock Investment Decisions: A Case Study of Students of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Muhammadiyah Pontianak

Hafidz Hidayatullah, Dedi Hariyanto, Heni Safitri

Impact of COVID-19 on SMEs of Bangladesh: How Well have they Coped with the Situation?

Wasik Sajid Khan, Asif Haider

Employment by Industry of Accounting Graduates: China as an Example

Tianhao Kang

A Study of Herding Behavior on Vietnam Stock Market

Thuy Nguyen

Determinants of Change of Board of Directors in Transportation Sector Companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Ricky, Dedi Haryadi

Portrait of Household Income and Corn Farmers Welfare City and Village Area in Gorontalo District, Indonesia

Mahludin H. Baruwadi, Fitri Hadi Yulia Akib , Yanti Saleh , Harun Blon...

Internalization of the Maqashid Sharia Concept in Realizing Accountability of Mosque Financial Statements

Widyantono Arif, Haliah, Andi Kusumawati, Nirwana

Investigating the Relationship between Transactions with Affiliates and Fraudulent Reporting by Explaining the Moderating Role of Corporate Governance Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Saeed Pakdelan , Alireza Azar Brahman, Gholamhossein Heydari Filabadi

Credit and Sustainability of SMEs in Uganda: A Case of SMEs in Nakawa Division Kampala

Francis Muhire; Anthony Olyanga

The Influence of Debt to Equity Ratio and Earnings per Share on Share Price in Food and Beverage Sub-Sector Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Year 2014-2020

Nurdiana Ningsih, Amiruddin, Darmawati, Muh. Irdam Ferdiansah

The Relationship between Philippine Population, Remittances, Foreign Direct Investment, and Trade Openness on its Gross Domestic Product

Roberto Jio M. Lim, Marc Yobhel A. Tolentino, Carlos L. Manapat

An Analysis of the Economic Growth Indicators of the Philippines: 1990-2020

Lorenzo Martin D. Gonzalez, Ceejay P. Llanto, Carlos L. Manapat

The Impact of Capital Structure on Digital Bank Valuation in Indonesia

Wahyu Avianto, Ajar Susanto, Roy Sembel, Adler Haymans Manurung