Tongkonan as A Digital Community Literature Center: Empowerment of the Youth Generation of Lembang Lempo Poton, North Toraja

Internet Digital Literacy Generation Alpha


  • Lisa Kurniasari Wibisono
    Economic management, Universitas Kristen Indonesia Toraja, Indonesia
October 28, 2022


The children from the alpha generation had intensive interaction with various technological equipment, making their acceptance of technology higher than the previous generation. The alpha generation was more attracted to using digital literacy than the conventional literacy system. However, Indonesia's Digital Literacy Index (IDL) is still in the medium category. Lembang Lempo Poton is one of the districts with ground-level IDL values. This area was chosen as the location for implementing the XXXVIII UKI Toraja Student Community Service Program, where one of the programs launched in KKN is learning assistance. This research aims to learn about the role of the Community Service Program in empowering the youth generation of Lembang Lempo Poton, especially in digital literacy knowledge, and represent the value of Tongkonan as the community literature centre. The method used in this research is the qualitative method which uses participatory approaches. The data used in this research is primary data. This research result is shown that the effort to present digital literacy on Lembang Lempo Poton is not easy, but it can be solved by supporting all stakeholders. The research found that the development of learning facilities has a positive impact on helping the student learning process better. It can conclude that creating Tongkonan as the community centre for developing digital literacy for the youth generation on Lembang Lempo Poton has a significant impact.