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An Investigation into the Leadership Traits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi: A Conceptual Framework


  • Prem Lal Joshi Former NRI Professor of Accounting at Malaysia and Bahrain; Former Senior Fellow of ICSSR, India; Currently, Editor in Chief; International Journal of Auditing and Accounting Studies, India


The purpose of this research is i) to find out what unique traits make PM Modi an inspiring leader, ii) to assess if respondents' perceptions differ significantly, and iii) to create a conceptual framework of leadership  traits so that we can better comprehend PM Modi's leadership styles. The study includes 19 leadership traits relevant to PM Modi's leadership styles, extracted from previous articles and expert discussions. This  study collected quantitative data from LinkedIn connections using a random sampling procedure. A self-designed questionnaire was sent to 700 people from various backgrounds to rate their agreement or disagreement with 19 leadership traits. The study was conducted in March and February 2024, with 29% of the responses (203) available for analysis. The study reveals that the top ten leadership traits in ranking order include strong 'network building, ''self-motivation,’ ‘global perspective,’ ‘visionary leadership,’ ‘determination and result-orientation,’ ‘public direction communication skills,’ ‘proactive approach,’ ‘being organized (detailed-oriented),’ ‘integrity in the workplace,’ and ‘creative thoughts and thinking.’ The results of the Mann-Whitney test revealed differences in respondents' assessments of PM Modi's leadership abilities in India and other countries. There are significant differences in the perceptions of educators and other groups regarding the five leadership traits that may be linked to the lack of trust in Indian society and culture. Additionally, the factor analysis produced a five-factor model: visionary and transformative; humanistic and value-driven; decisive and result-oriented; social influencer and opinion leader; and flexibility, adaptability, and dynamic. It appears that PM Modi's personality and leadership style are a perfect fit for the extended version of the Greatman hypothesis, which is the trait theory.

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Journal of Business and Management Studies

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6 (2)





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Joshi, P. L. (2024). An Investigation into the Leadership Traits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi: A Conceptual Framework. Journal of Business and Management Studies, 6(2), 73–94.



Traits, Visionary and Transformative, Determination and Result-oriented, Networking, Welfare Economics, Sustainability Development, Organized, Empathy, Communication Skills, Resilience, Transparency, Mentoring, Integrity, Humanistic and Value Driven, Perception Management, Adaptability, Proactive, Prescience, Make in India, Covid-19, Self-Motivated, Inspiring Leader, Social Influencer, Flexibility, Dynamic. Narendra Modi, Trait Theory