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Marketing Challenges and Trends Influencing Wine Producers and Consumers


  • Julien Bousquet University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, LaboNFC, Canada


The global wine market is constantly evolving, and wine producers need to adapt to climate change and, in some cases, to new marketing trends to remain competitive and sustain their business. The main aim of this article is to highlight, conceptually, the main marketing issues and trends that can affect both consumers and wine producers. To meet this objective, we have adopted a conceptual approach. We draw on a recent literature review, our understanding of the wine industry and a few statistics and professional articles, to describe how these marketing trends influence consumer choices and, in some cases, the marketing strategies of wineries. This article therefore provides a more general and synthetic view of some of the marketing issues and trends that can impact both producers and consumers in the wine industry. We'll be focusing on six trends: wine in boxes and bags, e-commerce, digital marketing, immersive experiences, natural and organic wine, and transparent labeling. More specifically, we'll look at the impact these can have on both wine consumers and producers, mostly treated independently in academic research. Although our article is conceptual, it offers an integrative and complementary perspective on certain marketing issues and trends.

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Journal of Business and Management Studies

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5 (3)





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Bousquet, J. (2023). Marketing Challenges and Trends Influencing Wine Producers and Consumers. Journal of Business and Management Studies, 5(3), 155–160.







Wine, wine marketing, wine business, trends, wine industry