Improving the Working Conditions: Productivity, Safety, and Teamwork in a Pottery Processing/Manufacturing Workplace

Productivity, Teamwork, Safety, and Pottery Manufacturing Industries


May 22, 2023


This paper intends to examine employees’ performance in pottery manufacturing in terms of productivity, safety, and teamwork in order to improve working conditions in the said industry. The degree of performance of workers in the pottery manufacturing industry was evaluated using a descriptive study approach. The data was then collected through questionnaires and interpreted using appropriate statistical tools and procedures. Validation procedures and approval for ethical considerations for this research paper were also sought by the researcher. The findings showed a strong correlation between teamwork, safety, and productivity. It was also found that there is a significant difference in the performance of employees in terms of teamwork between age groups, which suggests that the diversity of employees in terms of age is an essential factor to consider when it comes to work collaboration. Additionally, a significant difference in performance in terms of production was recorded between male and female employees, which is an indication that male and female employees have different performance levels in terms of productivity.