Labor Standards Enforcement Program and Code of Ethics of Labor Inspectors in Region XII

Labor standards, enforcement program and code of ethics


  • Ernesto H. Coloso
    Supervising Labor Employment Officer, Region XII, Philippines
April 29, 2023


The study focused on the labor standards enforcement program and code of ethics practices among the labor inspectors of the Department of Labor and Employment in Region 12. The study utilized primary data through one-on-one interviews coming from the Labor Inspectors of the Department of Labor and Employment Region 12, specifically in areas of South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, North Cotabato, Sarangani, General Santos City, Regional Office, and TSI. A total of twenty-two participants, which are Region 12 Labor Inspectors, answered the qualitative questionnaire, with the data gathered to be analyzed through thematic analysis. The results show that the Labor Standard Enforcement Program under the Department of Labor and Employment is an effective program and tool in the enforcement of Labor Standards laws, statutes, and orders through Proper Implementation and actual Inspection; however, they have an insufficient workforce. In terms of Labor Inspectors’ performance, they adhere to norms and conduct, yet they also commit violations. Lastly, the norms of conduct that are commonly ignored by the Labor Inspectors are they become biased, receive gifts in exchange for a favor, and they are more into “sarili muna” than “bayan muna”.