The Role of Purchasing Decisions Mediating Product Quality, Price Perception, and Brand Image on Customer Satisfaction of Kopi Janji Jiwa

Customer satisfaction, purchasing decision, product quality, price perception, brand image.


July 7, 2021


This research study analyses and determines the role of purchasing decisions mediating product quality, price perception, and brand image on Kopi Harapan Jiwa's customer satisfaction. The population in this study were customers of Kopi Janji Jiwa 135 respondents. The use of samples with purposive sampling technique and target customers who have bought or consumed Kopi Janji Jiwa. Stages in data analysis with a structural equation model on partial least squares to see the effect of exogenous variables on endogenous variables. The structural model is known to moderate purchasing decisions, while customer satisfaction has a strong influence. The predictive capability is large, and the model performance between the structural and measurement models is in a good category. According to hypothesis testing, it was found that product quality and price perception did not significantly affect purchasing decisions, but the brand image had a significant influence on purchasing decisions. Product quality and price perception were found to significantly affect customer satisfaction while purchasing decisions were found to have no significant effect. The brand image was found not to have a significant effect on customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, purchasing decisions found a significant influence. In purchasing decisions, there is a significant influence on customer satisfaction.