Latest Issue

Vol. 7 No. 5: International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

(May Issue, 2024) 

Published: 2024-05-09

Research Article

A Study on Chinese Culture in High School English Textbooks of BNUP from the Perspective of Conceptual Blending Theory for Multimodal Metaphors

Siyu Long

Changes in the Syntactic Structure in English-Arabic Simultaneous Interpreting

Muhannad Hadi Altalqani

A Comparative Analysis of Passive Voice in Farsi and Pashto Languages

Saeyd Kamal Manawi, Khairuddin Aslamyar, Muhammad Yaqoob Seraj

A Historicity in Contemporary Pseudohistorical Narratives: Typological Permutations in Matt Ruff’s The Mirage (2012)

Adam Briedik

The Travelling Folktales of the Basil Girl’s Wiles

Hamza Bekkaoui

Gender Roles in Transition: A Study of Women Issues and the Changing Role of Gender in the Feminist Literature from the Progressive Era

Rummana Farooqui, Eman AlDoseri

The Call to Prayer by Walter Burton Harris: A Journey Between Faith and Identity from Marrakech to Seville

Nadir El Morabit, Layachi El Habbouch

Boosting Intercultural Communication Skills: The Role of Authentic Literary Texts in an Intermediate Turkish EFL Classroom

Gülten Torlak

Expressions of Impossibility in Arabic and English: Unveiling Students’ Translation Difficulties

Reima Al-Jarf

Translation Research in the Arabic Language: A Bibliometric Study

Amer Qobti, Sultan Almohaimeed

Artificial Intelligence Impact on Human Translation: Legal Texts as a Case Study

Tahseen Ali Hussein Al-Romany, Maryam Jawad Kadhim

Some Defective Aspects of Lexis Translation in the Holy Quran into English

Mubarak Al-Awd

Terminological Challenges in the Translation of Legal Documents in Fɔngbè, a Kwa Language of Benin

Nonhouégnon Richard HOUNSOSSOU, Charles Dossou LIGAN