Latest Issue

Vol. 7 No. 4: International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

(April Issue, 2024) 

Published: 2024-04-01

Research Article

Mandarin Chinese Emphatic Operator in Denial: A Functional Discourse Grammar Analysis

Yassine Khaya

Literary-social Interpretations of the ‘Stagnation’ Period in 20th Century Uzbek Literature

Mirzaeva Zulkhumor Inomovna

The Effectiveness of Wordwall in Enhancing Students’ Engagement and Motivation in Literature Classes

Daniel Ari Widhiatama, Catharina Brameswari

An Investigation of EFL Learners’ Reading Strategy Use

Ayman Mosully

On Text-Image Relations and Information Conveyance Optimization in Subtitle Translation: A Case Study of Chang An

Ruixue Zhao

Statistical Analysis of Speaking Strategies among Non-Native English Speaking Graduate Students in the Masters Legal and Judicial Governance and Banking, Finance, and Insurance Programs: A Comparative Study within the Faculty of Legal, Social, and Economic Studies of Mohammedia

Najwa Bouyarmane

Bridging Technology and Language Learning: A Comprehensive Analysis of CALL Integration within Second Language Acquisition

Mohamed Idrissi, Nadir El Morabit, Mohamed El Kandoussi

Social Media Filtered Images as Carnivalesque Resistance

Maryam El-kssiri, Youssouf Amine Elalamy

Multimodal Discourse Analysis of the Poster of the Movie Octagonal

Meiling Ai

A Translation Turn in ESP Classrooms: The Use of the Source Language to Teach the Target Language

Ahmed Boukranaa, Kebir Sandy

A Study on Language Conversion and Construction of Discourse Power in Chinese Diplomacy

Yangyang Liu

A Study on the Application of CBI Teaching Mode in College English Reading Course for Media Majors: A Case Study of College English Reading Teaching for Students in Sichuan University of Media and Communications

Xianli Yu

Sarcasm in Iraqi Political Interviews

Jumana Mohammed Saad

Messaging Beyond the Lines: A Pragma-Crafting Analysis on the Academic Interactions Using a Social Media App in the New Normal

Niña Danica Dainty Angon, John Cabansag

Cognitive Test Anxiety and Academic Performance of Undergraduate Students in Istanbul

Duygu Gülçiçeği, Akbar Alişah

Future Translators’ Linguistic and Non-linguistic Competencies and Skills in The Age of Neural Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence: A Content Analysis

Wael Alharbi

Exploring Translation Students’ Dictionary Use, Preferences, and Attitudes in Translation Courses

Issam Ta'amneh

Evolution from Traditional to Digital Storytelling as an Instructional Approach in English Conversation Courses

Murad A. Ahmed Tamimi, Jehad A. Ramadan, Murad Hassan Mohammed Sawalme...

The Impact of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy in enhancing Psychological Resilience among basic education teachers in Oman: Longitudinal Study

Nasser Sayed Gomaa Abdelrasheed, Muhammad Amir Saeed