An Evaluation of Two Parts in an ESP Textbook for Engineering Students: A Case Study of Sudan International University


  • Osama Mohamed Ahmed Abdulwahab Ahmed (Osama Wdidi) Lecturer, English Language Institute, Aldarb University College Aldarb, Jazan KSA


Evaluating the English textbook; English for Specific Purposes; SIU English Language Course C; Sudan International University; Engineering Students.


The main objective of this study is to evaluate the English Language Textbook that is used for university students in a faculty of engineering. This textbook is called “SIU English Language Course ‘C’”, which is taught for engineering students in the first two semesters at Sudan International University. The main purpose of this evaluation is to analyze the textbook in order to see whether it is suitable for the engineering students. The researcher used the descriptive method in this study and used the questionnaire which is distributed for a sample taken from the students of engineering, this sample consists of (90) engineering college students. Besides, there was another questionnaire for a sample of (9) instructors who teach the same textbook. There are two aspects in the textbook that the researcher focused on to be analyzed; they are the skills and the language type. From the responses of the two questionnaires there was a common agreement from both the students and teachers was revealed and they were highly satisfied about the two aspects in the evaluated textbook. Based on the above, the findings of this study have shown that the majority of the students and instructors agreed that the skills which are used in this textbook are very satisfied and their designs suit the engineering students. On the other hand, they also agreed that textbook is quite satisfactory in terms of its language type.


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Osama Mohamed Ahmed Abdulwahab Ahmed (Osama Wdidi). (2020). An Evaluation of Two Parts in an ESP Textbook for Engineering Students: A Case Study of Sudan International University. International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, 3(12), 162-171.