Grotesque Literary Caricatures of Exotic Orientals in Tariq Ali's Play Iranian Nights



Exoticism, Orientalism, Marketing Marginalized, Caricatures, Third world Muslims


The paper analyzes grotesque literary caricature of the exotic Orientals in Tariq Ali and Howard Brenton's play Iranian Nights. The focus is to elucidate how the writer market margins by creating caricatural and exotic characters that generate laughter and comical wit for the international readership. The research has two folds i.e. on one level it will discuss the caricatural features in characters to understand the underline meaning for the use of such distorted and exaggerated art form in a modern play. On the other hand, the paper will have an investigative stance into the dramatic techniques used ancient grotesque plays to find out the significance of such a dramaturgy in the business of exoticism. The research broadens the scope as it presents an art form that depicts a grotesque caricature exoticizing the third world's other Orientals to market margins.


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Tayyab, A. . (2020). Grotesque Literary Caricatures of Exotic Orientals in Tariq Ali’s Play Iranian Nights. International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, 3(10), 140-147.