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Teachers' Strategies to Enhance Deeper Learning Skills in English Language Classes


  • Sunita Swar Suri Kathmandu University, Nepal


The paper focuses on English teachers' teaching strategies in secondary-level classes to enhance students' deeper learning skills. This paper is the outcome of a qualitative study, a narrative inquiry with three secondary-level English teachers. With the help of in-depth interviews and class observation, the study figured out how the different teaching strategies allow teachers to adopt, integrate and ensure deeper learning skills in existing curricular content. The research primarily collected data through interviews and supplemented it with classroom observations. They subsequently analysed the data under three major themes. The first gives theoretical reasoning; in contrast, the second and third themes widely discuss the practical aspects and examples from actual classroom practices aligning with the researcher's observation track record that revolves around the theme. The study concludes that any strategies the teacher introduces must be reinforced by fostering an autonomous environment for learners, creating a school environment supportive of deeper learning, and ensuring the appropriate assessment of deep learning skills.

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International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

Volume (Issue)

7 (3)





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Suri, S. S. (2024). Teachers’ Strategies to Enhance Deeper Learning Skills in English Language Classes. International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, 7(3), 118–125.



Deeper Learning, Narrative Inquiry, Autonomous Environment, Appropriate Assessment, Project Based Learning(PBL)