Projection of the Vitality of the Betawi Language in the Future Time in Jakarta

Betawi language, vitality, projection, future time, Jakarta


March 2, 2023


This research analyzes Betawi language users in the Jakarta area. The purpose of this study is to determine the health vitality of the Betawi language in the future, the factors that can cause the Betawi language to be endangered, and how the solution is to maintain the existence of the Betawi language. The theory used in this study is sociolinguistic, and the supporting theory is cultural sociology. The method used in this research is a qualitative quantity method or a mixed method. This research step combines two forms of research that have existed before: qualitative and quantitative, to obtain more complete, valid, reliable and objective data and describe the results of data collection by researchers through observation of research subject statements. This study used observation and questionnaire techniques (questionnaire). The results obtained are a calculation of the current use of the Betawi language to determine the health vitality of the Betawi language in the future. The conditions for using the Betawi language, from measurements of the frequency of use and the number of speakers, are still very concerning. Although there is still a gap of hope for improvement in the future with the right strategy.