Reference Grammatical Cohesion in Christine Lindop’s The Bridge and other Love Stories: A Discourse Analysis

grammatical cohesion types of reference Discourse analysis short story the bridge and other love stories


  • Siti marfu'ah
    Muhammadiyah Purwokerto University, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Khristianto Faculty of Cultural Sciences and Communication, Muhammadiyah Purwokerto University, Central Java, Indonesia
January 16, 2023


This research describes the types and function of reference in a short story book written by Christine Lindop under the title The Bridge and Other Love Stories. This research applies discourse analysis, especially on the reference. The study used a qualitative descriptive approach. The data source of this research is a short story telling about the bridge and love stories that happened. The data of this research are words, phrases, and sentences contained in a short story. The results of this research show that the types of reference used in the short story include personal reference, demonstrative reference, definite article reference and comparative reference. Meanwhile, the function of reference is to risk word repetition, to show the close of scale, and to compare things or situations.