Deconstruction in the Novel the Jilbab Traveler by Asma Nadia, et al: A Feminist Perspective

Feminism, gender equality, women, deconstruction


November 7, 2022


The study aims to observe the deconstruction of people's thoughts on Muslim women contained in the novel The Jilbab Traveler by Asma Nadia using a feminist perspective. The background of this study is to reveal that there is gender equality in society between men and women. In general, society still considers that the degree of a woman is considered lower than that of a man. The method used in this study is descriptive qualitative because the object is in the form of writing in novels which becomes contextual research data. The research data is in the form of all lingual units in the form of words, phrases, clauses, and sentences that contain elements of feminism and gender equality in the novel. Data retrieval with read and record techniques. The reading technique is carried out by reading the novel The Jilbab Traveler by Asma Nadia et al. effectively to search for research objects. The important points that are the subject of this study are marked and recorded in the data card to be classified according to the type of gender equality feminism studied. The analysis of the study was carried out by the technique of content analysis. This analysis focuses on the content and context of the research object in accordance with the formulation of the problem. The result of this study is gender equality between women and men in everyday life. In the novel, it is found that there is a deconstruction that occurs about beliefs or levels or levels intended for Muslim women.

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