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Trends and Challenges of Teaching English Grammar and Vocabulary under Befaqul Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh


  • Md. Abdul Karim Ruman Lecturer, Department of English, College of Sciences & Arts in Al-Namas, University of Bisha, Saudi Arabia; and Graduate Researcher (English Language), Institute of Modern Languages, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


English, being an optional subject, does not enjoy as much importance as other religious subjects in Qawmi madrasas [Islamic educational institutes] of Bangladesh. Since the government of Bangladesh recognized the highest degree of the said academy as equivalent to a Master’s in Arabic or Islamic Studies from a university, it is significant to explore the English language competence of BEFAQ [Befaqul Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh] graduates who subsequently might opt for similar careers because the English language proficiency is an indispensable prerequisite to the current competitive job market. My previous study focused on the English language education of macro-level skills in the institutions in the title, and this article concentrates on the development of micro-level skills, i.e., grammar and vocabulary teaching to the same research population. In fact, an abundant stock of words and a knowledge of grammar-use are required for anybody who wants to use a language. Integrating the data collected from questionnaires, interviews and classroom observations, it is found that Grammar-Translation Method is implemented in English language teaching, especially grammar and vocabulary. To be more specific, deductive demonstration of grammatical rules and examples and memorization of word meanings from a bilingual word list are the regular teaching-learning activities found in these institutions. Consequently, the students cannot be able to carry out their communication purposes in English which indeed should have been their principal goal, as implied in the English course objective of madrasa education. Hence, some recommendations are suggested to the policymakers as well as curriculum and textbook designers with expected support from the government and private donors.

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International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

Volume (Issue)

5 (10)





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Md. Abdul Karim Ruman. (2022). Trends and Challenges of Teaching English Grammar and Vocabulary under Befaqul Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh. International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, 5(10), 165–175.



ELT in Bangladesh, English in Qawmi Madrasa, Befaqul Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh, Teaching Grammar, Teaching Vocabulary, Grammar-Translation Method