“The Other” In Tony Morrison’s The Bluest Eye Concerning the Female Characters

The blues, beauty, racism, child molestation, insecurity


October 17, 2022


Beauty is considered a concept that is certainly perceived by each individual differently. The novel, “The Bluest Eye,” provides values of the African Americans who used tools such as storytelling and music consisting of blues and jazz, much more effective than raising slogans like “Black is beautiful,” which could lead an individual to be confused about the perception of beauty. And thus, it won’t help in the process of gaining love and peace. Claudia, one of the main narrators of the story, finds love and peace by getting to know about the survival of her step-sister and by listening to the blues from her mother. This research paper is based on determining an understanding of the different female characters that are represented in the novel. This analysis is further developed to provide clear identification of the intensive nature of racism, incest, and child molestation, along with the existence of the poor living culture that was being followed in the name of religion. Moreover, it is focused on depicting the extended portrayal of the ways in which the presence of internalized beauty standards was being deformed into the lives of black girls and women.