Saudi and Jordanian University Student Complaining Strategies

Complaint Strategies, Complaint Strategies in Arabic, Complaints, Saudi and Jordanian University Students, Speech Acts, Discourse


  • Bandar Alhamdan
    Assistant Professor, Department of English Language and Translation, College of Languages and Translation, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
  • Rae'd Al-Shorman Language Instructor, English Language Skills Department, Alkhaleej for Training and Education, Common First Year Deanship, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
November 5, 2022


This study examined male Saudi and Jordanian student complaint strategies when complaining about their academic advisors, instructors, classroom environments, and exams to a friend, a person in charge, or the complainee (complaint addressee). To achieve the study goals, a discourse completion test (DCT) with 10 scenarios was developed and distributed to 100 (50 Jordanian and 50 Saudis) male university students. It was found that the students used a wide range of strategies that were both threatening and less threatening strategies, and had control in some situations, but were offensive in others. The Saudi students used a greater number of speech acts to complain than the Jordanian students. Further research suggestions are also given.