New Opportunities for Translation Studies and Practice in the Context of the COVID-19 Era

Translation Studies; COVID-19 Epidemic; Global Governance


  • Liqiao Liang
    MA student, Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation, Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai, China
November 1, 2022


This Article's purpose is to reveal the new research areas provided by the COVID-19 pandemic, in which translation training, translation history, cultural studies and other fields are included. The COVID-19 epidemic has brought profound change to the world's order, culture, communication and globalization. Every part of the world is doing its best to recover from the damage caused by the epidemic, and translation studies could play a role that is as important as natural science studies and practice, which provide a medical cure for the epidemic: they promote multilateral understanding worldwide, increase the sharing and dissemination of information fighting against the epidemic, also would effectively ensure translation activities and training with the help of modern technology. Although it is impossible to have the directions deeply dug in this article due to the limitation of the length, it sheds light on these possible areas so that those who are interested can pursue them. The source of these directions came from the author's analysis of selected works conducted by trusted researchers around the world.