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Employing Mental Imagery by Qur'anic Verses for illustrating The Day of Resurrection's Events


  • Entesar Alsir Abu-ALgasim Mohamed Assistant Professor of English, Science and Arts College for Girls-Al Majardha, King Khalid University, Abha, Saudi Arabia


Usage of mental images is one of the elegant and creative methods employed by Qur'anic verses to help the audiences comprehend and grasp the described scenes of The Day of Resurrection and is considered as the backbone that aid in clarifying and illustrating the philosophical problems and mystic religious problems related to the domain, particularly the ambiguous events of that day. The Quranic verses contain an abundance of imagery that is conveyed by figurative languages, such as metaphors, similes, symbols, etc. However, many Quranic images are conveyed literally. These are constituted by the usage of descriptive imagery whereby they clarify or give a vivid picture of something; consequently, they highly help us to analyze the content of the existing context. Having supported the notion of the abundant usage of imagery by Qur'anic verses, certain verses that employ resurrection images have been purposefully selected to address the research question and categorized into three categories, including; comparing the process of bringing life to dead land to the process of raising up the dead on the Day of Resurrection, after they have disintegrated, this represents the first category, whereas the description of how Allah Almighty resurrects the dead generally, represents the second one, and the third category will be the description of the state of the righteous' happiness and sinners' sadness in that day. An analytical descriptive qualitative method will be adopted.

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International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

Volume (Issue)

5 (6)





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Mohamed, E. A. A.-A. (2022). Employing Mental Imagery by Qur’anic Verses for illustrating The Day of Resurrection’s Events. International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, 5(6), 61–75.



Images, mental imagery, Quranic verses, The Day of Resurrection