Perspective on the Relationship between Banking Education and English Achievement. A Case of Fresh EFL Students at King Khalid University

Banking education, interactive learning, interactive teaching, teacher centeredness, student centeredness, academic achievement


  • Elsadig Ali Elsadig Elnadeef
    Assistant Professor, English Department, College of sciences & Arts- Dhahran Aljanoub, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia
March 31, 2022


This study investigates the impact of banking education centeredness on fresh students’ English language performance at King Khalid University. Banking education is evolved by Paul Ferriere proposing narration of the teacher subject (active participant) whereas the student is the passive object and teacher.  It aims at highlighting the impact of banking education and English teacher centeredness on students’ achievement in productive and critical skills. The study is based on action research entailing fresh 50 male fresh students studying an English intensive course at King Khalid University, College of Sciences and Arts –Dharan Aljanoub as participants selected randomly.  A test is composed of writing, speaking and critical thinking tests –a retest was administered and descriptive analysis was done. The findings of the study have revealed that the implementation of banking education and teacher-centeredness impact students' studying intensive English course achievement negatively. The study concludes that banking education and teacher-centeredness should be eradicated in the educational system at KKU. Instead, interactive teaching and student-centeredness should be adopted in English classes Instead student-centeredness approach and interactive teaching and learning should be implemented.

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