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Artistic Narrative Structure of Ihsan Abdel Quduos and D. H. Lawrence's Novels: A Stylistic Comparative Sketch



This paper explores the artistic structures, aesthetics, and thematics in the literary works of Ihsan Abd Al-Quduos (the Arab writer) and D. H. Lawrence (the English writer) in terms of the narrative style, language, dialogue, settings, and characters through a textual analysis in the light of the premises of the narrative aesthetics, comparative assumptions and aesthetic intertextualities. Comparatively, the paper sheds light on the aspects of artistic aesthetics of structure and style between the two writers, basically the treatment of women, clarifying their narrative experiences. Therefore, this paper adopts the descriptive and analytical critical theory to explore similarities and dissimilarities in the aesthetics, style, and language of both writers' selected texts. The results of this paper textually reveal both authors' awareness of the nature of the fictional discourse as linguistic creativity and special artistic composition. Also, both novelists show some similarities and differences in narrative content, style, structure and themes, each according to his realistic experience as a result of the relationship with the surrounding environment and the cultural background. So, the two writers are very careful with all their art and creativity to endow their novels with aesthetics of expression and their structural and semantic spaces. The paper explores such issues in their selected narratives, which include Ihsan's Sleepless, The Dead End, A Nose and three Eyes, and Don't Turn off the Sun. Lawrence's novels include Sons and Lovers, Women in Love, The Lost Girl, Aaron's Rod, and Lady Chatterley's Lover.

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International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

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5 (3)





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Kurraz, A. (2022). Artistic Narrative Structure of Ihsan Abdel Quduos and D. H. Lawrence’s Novels: A Stylistic Comparative Sketch. International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, 5(3), 48–57.



aesthetics, comparative, narrative, style, textuality.