An Investigation of Rhythm in the Subject Matters of the Holy Quran

Rhythm, subject matters, Holy Quran, Makki, Medani, functions


January 2, 2022


This study examines rhythm in the subject matters of the Holy Quran and the functions that rhythm serves in Makki and Medani verses. To accomplish the study objectives, content analysis as a tool was devised to analyze rhythm based on its subject matters. The Holy Quran includes Madni (revealed in Medina) (26%) and Makki (revealed in Makkah) (74%), and each one has different subject matters and functions. The study showed that rhythm in the Holy Quran is distinct, inimitable, melodious and serves several functions as mentioned in the study. It also affects meaning and varies according to the subject matter. Furthermore, it is a phonological term contributing to how meaning is organized, offered and leads to a better understanding of verses and helps listeners memorize them easily. This paper paves the way for further linguistic studies on the Holy Quran, such as phono–pragmatic studies.