Using SentiWordNet and Sentiment Analysis for Evaluating Adverbs of Manner

Sentiment Adverbs of manner Wordnet SentiWordnet


  • Linda Amoako Banning
    Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Christian Service University College, Kumasi, Ghana,
  • Asuamah Adade-Yeboah Senior Lecturer, Department of Communication Studies, Christian Service University College, Kumasi, Ghana
January 9, 2022


In this paper, we examine the extent to which adverbs are, in themselves, sentiment-laden, the effect they have on the words they modify as well as the sentiment of sentences they appear in as a whole and consider the sentiment scores as listed from SentiWordNet in relation to definitions laid out in WordNet. We examined 100 adverbs of manner, comparing their definitions as laid out in WordNet with their sentiment scores as given in SentiWordNet. It was concluded that adverbs of manner are in themselves sentiment-laden and that there is a significant-enough disparity between the definitions and the sentiment scores to introduce errors in SentiWordNet-based automated sentiment evaluations of sentences.

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