Linguo-Stylistic Analysis of Sarcasm in American Granddaughter

Linguo-stylistic, Sarcasm, American Granddaughter, Inaam Kachachi


  • Abbas Lutfi Hussein
    Assistant Professor, Mutansiriyah University, College of Arts. Iraq
  • Nadia Majeed Assistant Professor, Middle Technical University, Technical instructors Training Institute, Iraq
  • Rusul Abdel Kareem Atu University of Misan, College of Education for Human Sciences, Iraq
November 29, 2021


Sarcasm is a manipulative concept that can be utilized in different forms and different senses to express different intentions. Inaam Kachachi makes full use of linguistic and figurative tools to express her sarcastic events and situations. Thus, this paper investigates the linguo-stylistic use of sarcasm in Kachachi’s ‘الحفيدة الامريكية’ (American Granddaughter), focusing on the purposes behind the use of sarcasm in this novel. Twenty extracts have been selected to be lingo- stylistically analyzed in terms of Leech and Short's (2007) model. The paper concludes that Kachachi utilizes lexical, grammatical, and figurative devices to depict her sarcastic events and circumstances.