Practice and Reflection: Online English Teaching in University in China against the Outbreak of COVID-19

English teaching, online learning, PBL, POA, Chinese learners


  • Yong LIANG
    Ph.D., lecturer, School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Xihua University, Chengdu, China
October 31, 2021


This study reviews, discusses and evaluates empirical university-level online English teaching in China that was largely influenced by the COVID-19. It introduces the design and procedure of the curriculum and explains the targets as well as the results of undergraduates’ English courses. With PBL and POA teaching strategies, the findings of the study revealed that the teaching effects are close to the expectation compared with that of in-class teaching, and students’ learning satisfaction is not reduced by way of online teaching. Online teaching mode in College English courses in China could be effective and productive through the cooperation of teachers and students, which sheds light on the teaching design and practice in the post-pandemic era.