Initial Assessment on the Language Vitality of Binadjao Iligan


  • Joel V. Araya Associate Professor, English Department, Mindanao State University, Marawi City, Philippines


Language assesswadesh List, Binadjao Iligan, Sinama, Binisaya Iligan, morphological identicalness


The study is a brief assessment of the language and culture of an internally displaced group of people called the Badjaos.  Specifically, it attempted to survey their spoken vitality, identity, and literacy and identify their hopes and aspirations.  Rapid ethnographic techniques and fieldwork were conducted with the assistance of key informants, validators, and consultants.  Results of the study pointed to the limited opportunities and settings where the Badjao language is used, which further deprive them of economic chances.  However, language is vital to personal and social expressions.  In terms of identity, the group admits to experiencing discrimination.  The availability of literacy materials in their language is uncommon.  Thus, their aspiration is to be included in the government's education programs for an eventual increase in literacy in their community.


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Araya , J. V. . (2021). Initial Assessment on the Language Vitality of Binadjao Iligan. International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, 4(4), 155-159.