Translation Competence and Translator Training: A Review



Translation Competence, Translation Pedagogy, Translation Studies, Translator Training


Translator training is an area that has received much interest among the research community of Translation Studies’ scholars. This is driven by the need for highly qualified and skilled professional translators around the world. This need has motivated research into the skills and competences professional translators need to perform their tasks effectively. This review addresses translator training and translation competence, underscoring the need for further research in this area in the Saudi context. It also presents some translation competence models that have been proposed. The review indicated that translation competence is an under-researched area in the Saudi context. Further research is needed in this area to contribute to improving the quality of translator training, which will enhance the quality of translation services by improving the outcomes of these programs.


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Salamah, D. (2021). Translation Competence and Translator Training: A Review. International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, 4(3), 276-291.