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  • Murad Sawalmeh Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Translation, Department of English Language and Literature, College of Arts and Applied Sciences, Dhofar University


We are very delighted to introduce the first issue of the International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation (IJLLT) to academic researchers around the globe. The main goal of IJLLT is to expand our circle of readers and contributors and generate new knowledge about English language, linguistics, literature, culture and translation as well as English teaching and learning all over the world. We emphasize that IJLLT is a journal open to all scholars regardless of their religion, or background. It is our hope that you will take this opportunity to notify other scholars and researchers at your institution of our presence.

International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation (IJLLT) is a doubleblind peer reviewed open access journal. It aims to provide a high-level platform for academic researchers, scholars and practitioners all over the world to share latest findings, views, ideas, information and academic experiences in the form of written scholarly articles. Authors are encouraged to submit novel locally-and globallyoriented original and unpublished research papers covering all areas of linguistics, literature and translation. We are non-profit, and seek to collect and disseminate information and research on new trends of linguistics, literature and translation. IJLLT publishes Original articles, Research articles, Reviews articles, Mini-reviews, Case reports, Commentaries, Editorials, Letters to Editor, Short reports, as well MA and PhD theses. 

Special Issues devoted to important topics in linguistics, literature and translation will occasionally be published. It is our mission with IJLLT to spread new knowledge about linguistics, literature and translation throughout the entire world and to focus on promoting research among scholars and academic researchers. IJLLT is striving to provide the best platform for researchers and scholars worldwide to disseminate their latest research results and exchange views on future research.

We recognize that our mission is a challenging one, and we will need all possible support from colleagues at all levels, including universities, public and private research centers, institutions and learning centers. We welcome you all to IJLLT and encourage you to share your experiences and insights.

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