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Blogs as Platforms for Disseminating and Popularizing Literature


  • T. Kanchana Devi Assistant Professor of English, Department of English, Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute, India


This paper highlights the dimensions of weblogs in promoting literature in this digital era. Journalism which had played a crucial role in the freedom struggle of India has become a strong force of social transformation in modern times. Today, blogs are present everywhere in and around journalism with individual journalists, corporate, celebrities and agencies. Weblog is a recent form of journalism where bloggers describe an event, express their views on daily happenings, promote a book or update articles. Blogs cover a wide range of writing from poetry to lengthy prose. There are a number of literature–oriented blogs which disseminate various genres such as poetry, fiction, reviews, criticism and language. ‘Shakespeare’ blog contains articles on Shakespeare’s works, his creative world and his plays in performance. ‘No Sweat Shakespeare’ blog tells the way that Shakespeare used mythology in his plays which brings audience closer to his imagination. Fiction blogs provide easy, accessible, informative data on established and current authors and their available books. ‘BookRiot’ blog helps the readers to take a quiz on authors’ famous works and also provides them a chance to win. Blogs like ‘The Blog Smugglers’ features a variety of different reviews dedicated to science fiction and fantasy short stories and novels. Indian English blogging is undergoing a sort of transformation in present scenario amidst its fewer audience for English language blogs. The Indian blogs include varied articles and reviews on literary works where we can find diverse voices and conversations on literature. ‘Literarism’ in its article on Indian English literature, gives the gradual evolution of English language in India from the arrival of captain William Hawkins to the flamboyance of fine Indian writers who have made considerable contributions to world literature. This blog also offers solved answers of UGC- NET questions to the aspirants. ‘Book Geeks’ is a book review blog dedicated to Indian authors. Blogs are more widely read than academic journals and textbooks as truth emerges from shared, collective knowledge. Book lovers on the web are a bunch where they are good writers too. Thus blogs not only inspire various talented individuals but also serves as a platform to promote literature.

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International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

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2 (2)





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