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Translation Strategies of Idiomatic Expressions in The Novel Edensor


  • Alfiana Asti Premasari Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia
  • Pratomo Widodo Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia



The objective of this research is to investigate (describe) the strategies in translating idiomatic expressions in the Novel Edensor and the problems on the translation process. As a result, the similarities of the idioms of the source text and the target text were found. Besides, this study was aimed at improving the knowledge about idiom varieties between the source text and target text. This is a qualitative study. It is a hermeneutic study that is an approach which concerns with social issues on written words. The non-participant observation was the technique to collect data. The technique for analyzing the data was translational identity method and the referential identity method.  It was also the technique to measure the validity and reliability of the data. The data were identified, classified, and categorized based on the types of idioms and the translation techniques. The findings were 120 expressions identified in the novel, however, the translator found 25% of expressions, and 75% of them were translated, with five translation procedures: similar meaning and dissimilar form was the procedure that mostly applied in the novel of 47.25%, dissimilar meaning and the similar form of 35.16%, and 13.18% of paraphrasing technique 3.29% was of omission, and 1.09% of borrowing. The procedure that was implemented gave an impact on the type of idioms. The specific procedures were applied to keep the originality of the source text information and the credibility of the translator. The translation strategy was communicative. It was supported by rearrangement in some chapters and topics.

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International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

Volume (Issue)

4 (2)





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Premasari, A. A. ., & Widodo, P. . (2021). Translation Strategies of Idiomatic Expressions in The Novel Edensor . International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, 4(2), 64–69.



Figurative language, Idiom, Translation technique, Translation strategy, Translator credibility