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A Study of Vocabulary Learning Strategies in EFL Reading of High, Middle and Low Vocabulary Achievers of Thai Tertiary Students


  • Jarinya Srimanee Lecturer of English, College of Industrial Technology and Management, Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya, Thailand
  • Kritchada Ruangnoi Ph.D. Student, University of Sains Malaysia
  • Mohamad Jafre Bin Zainol Abidin Associate Professor. Ph.D., School of Educational Studies, University of Sains Malaysia


This research investigated vocabulary acquisition (VA) and vocabulary learning strategies (VLS) use of Thai EFL graduates of a government university in southern Thailand through English narrative readings that inserted fifteen target words into each reading text.  The main purpose of the reading treatment was reading comprehension skills. The study also examined implications for EFL vocabulary learning and teaching in Thai context. The sample of fifteen Thai EFL graduates was selected from one group of 40 first year students majoring in Accountancy from a southern Thailand government university.  Data were collected using a semi-structured interview. The interview session was used to elicit information about their VLS use and vocabulary learning experiences. The interview forms after the reading treatment provided a greater insight into the interviewing process behind the participants’ VLS selection and showed how they deduced word meanings of unfamiliar English vocabulary in the narrative reading tasks. Research findings showed that Thai EFL learners in this study apparently show a greater preference for the translation, metacognitive regulation, memory and cognitive strategies than for the determination, metacognitive and social strategies. The findings demonstrate the indirect influence of learners’ previous English vocabulary learning on their English language skill development. In addition, this study suggests a close link between vocabulary learning strategy selection, vocabulary knowledge and language skill development in EFL context, especially southern Thailand. 

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International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

Volume (Issue)

4 (2)





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Srimanee, J. ., Ruangnoi, K. ., & Abidin, M. J. B. Z. . (2021). A Study of Vocabulary Learning Strategies in EFL Reading of High, Middle and Low Vocabulary Achievers of Thai Tertiary Students. International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, 4(2), 27–34.



Vocabulary Learning Strategy (VLS), EFL, Vocabulary Acquisition (VA) Reading Comprehension