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Insights Regarding the Assimilation of Technology in the Learning Process of Learners in Higher Education in Morocco


  • Rym Asserraji Full Professor, Moroccan School of the Sciences of the Engineer, EMSI, Morocco


The use of technology has become an important part of the learning process in and out of the class. Every language class usually uses a form of technology. It has been used to both help and improve language learning. This study focuses on the important role of using new technologies in the process of learning a foreign language.  The participants were 20 university professors of English, who teach in various Moroccan private and public institutions. The instruments used in the present study was a questionnaire. It also tackles different attitudes, which support learners of English to substantially increase their learning skills through using technologies. It aims at emphasizing the significance of the integration of technology in learners’ language learning strategies. It summarizes the background of language learning strategies, in addition to defining the concept of a language learning strategy and outlining the taxonomy of language learning strategies proposed by several researchers. It also takes into account the teachers’ role in strategy training while providing a number of questions for further research on language strategies and stating certain recommendations for the most convenient use of those technologies, which are likely to assist learners in enhancing their learning skills. The Findings of the study are clearly noteworthy; for instance, passion and motivation are two fundamental keys to lift students’ learning process. Besides, it is very significant to consider a cherished element in the research and that is “motivation” without which no learning could take place. Learners would not learn anything if they are not encircled by inspiring teachers who are ready to help, who encourage their students to do their utmost while enjoying learning.  Teachers do not have to be perfect teachers who know how to use technology, they have to be human beings and love their noble job.

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International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

Volume (Issue)

3 (1)





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technology; language learning; use; language learning strategies (LLS); learners; higher education