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About Al-Kindi

With more than 36 journals, Al-Kindi offers many opportunities for authors, customers and partners.

Who are we?

Al-Kindi is an independent international publisher that publishes online, peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. We are dedicated to actively participating in hastening the development of solutions to tackle the pressing challenges facing the world.

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Our mission

We are the trusted partner of scholars regardless of discipline, background or origin and support them in their endeavor to give their best to the world. We also connect researchers with scientific knowledge, nurture interdisciplinary exchange and thus contribute to wider conversations and progress in society.

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Our vission

At Al-Kindi our aim is to promote scientific exploration through the publication of strong and insightful research, fostering the growth of emerging areas of knowledge, and ensuring global accessibility to ideas and information. For nearly a decade, we have been pioneers in open access publishing. It is an integral part of our publishing strategy.

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Author Services

High quality research deserves clear writing

Our teams with expertise in subject-relevant editing ensure that your manuscripts meet international standards of scholarly English and are free of grammatical, spelling, and other common language errors.

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Translation of all top languages

Have our skilled professionals provide precise translation for your project. Rest assured that the translated content will uphold complete accuracy, be devoid of language mistakes, and preserve your distinctive voice. Our translators, extensively trained and holding advanced degrees in diverse subjects, possess a level of competence equivalent to native English speakers.

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Check your manuscript for plagiarism

We use Turnitin and Grammarly softwares to help you identify passages in your manuscript that could be flagged by journals for accidental plagiarism. You will receive an Turnitin assessment and a report that will guide you in making it clear in your manuscript where you are building on the work of others.

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Let us format your manuscript

Ensuring your manuscript adheres to the formatting guidelines specified by your chosen journal, as outlined in the Instructions for Authors, is crucial. This expedites the submission process by preventing the journal's editorial team from returning your manuscript for formatting adjustments.

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Our Open Access Journals

Publishing in our journals provides authors with a prestigious platform to disseminate their research, reaching a broad and influential audience within their respective academic and professional communities.

International Journal of Linguistics, Literature And Translation

ISSN: 2617-0299

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International Journal of Biological, Physical And Chemical Studies

ISSN: 2709-1554

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Journal of English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics

ISSN: 2707-756X

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Why publish with Al-Kindi?

Publishing with Al-Kindi and our prominent imprints, widely acknowledged within the academic and professional communities we cater to, offers numerous advantages and benefits

Global Access and Reach

Global access and reach in research ensure broad dissemination of knowledge across borders, fostering international collaboration. This interconnectedness accelerates scientific progress and contributes to a more inclusive research landscape.

Fast Publication and Rigorous Review

Fast publication coupled with rigorous review is crucial in research. Swift dissemination expedites the sharing of groundbreaking findings, while robust review ensures the credibility and quality of scholarly contributions.

Open Access

Open Access in research promotes unrestricted availability to scholarly articles, fostering widespread dissemination of knowledge. This inclusive approach enhances accessibility and accelerates the exchange of information across diverse audiences.

Latest from Al-Kindi

At the forefront of scholarly dissemination, Al-Kindi plays a pivotal role in shaping academic discourse and facilitating the exchange of cutting-edge research within various fields

Contract signed between Al-Kindi and EBSCO

Al-Kindi | EBSCO | Partnership

It is with great pleasure that we announce that a contract has been signed between Al-Kindi and EBSCO Information Services (USA) for the inclusion of all journals in the EBSCO database. EBSCO is a comprehensive information services provider offering a diverse range of databases, journals, and e-books ...

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Editorial Office

25 March 2021

Al-Kindi's Journals Indexed by CNKI Scholar

Al-Kindi | CNKI Scholar | Partnership

Al-Kindi is excited to announce that all our Open Access journals are indexed in CNKI Scholar. CNKI Scholar is a leading academic resource in China, offering a vast collection of scholarly literature, including journals and dissertations. It serves as a vital platform for research and knowledge dissemination....

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Editorial Office

14 April 2021

Journal of Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis Launched

Al-Kindi | New Journal

Al-Kindi is pleased to announce the launch of a new journal ...

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Editorial Office

14 October 2022

2023 Al-Kindi's Award Winners

Al-Kindi | Awards | Winners

Best Researchers and Reviewers awards recognize exemplary contributions...

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Editorial Office

08 October 2023