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15 Sep. 2018

Written by Al-Kindi team

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Al-Kindi's Journals Indexed by CNKI Scholar

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Al-Kindi is excited to announce that all our Open Access journals are indexed in CNKI Scholar. CNKI, or China National Knowledge Infrastructure, is a leading academic resource platform and digital library in China. It provides access to a vast collection of academic resources, including scholarly journals, conference papers, theses, dissertations, and more. CNKI Scholar is a part of the CNKI platform that specifically focuses on academic journals and research articles. Being indexed in CNKI Scholar is a significant accomplishment for a publisher or journal. It means that the content is included in CNKI's database, making it accessible to researchers, students, and academics in China and around the world. This indexing enhances the visibility and reach of scholarly publications, contributing to the global dissemination of research findings. Researchers often use CNKI to access a wide range of academic literature, and having journals indexed in CNKI Scholar can increase the impact and influence of the published work. It's a positive sign of recognition within the academic community and a step toward fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange.

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