EFL Writing Instruction Research in Morocco: A Historical Overview




Writing instruction research, Moroccan EFL context, EFL learners, studies


This paper is an attempt to trace and discuss how writing instruction research has evolved in the Moroccan EFL context over years. It also seeks to show that most EFL scholars were reactive and not proactive in dealing with this skill; they carried out their studies in response to the composing problems Moroccan EFL learners, at the secondary school or university level, face. The ultimate goal has always been the attainment of a research and evidence-based methodology that would render the writing skill accessible and learnable for most learners. Different writing-related topics have been studied thoroughly. But this paper is limited to the salient issues that Moroccan researchers have placed a premium on such as feedback, methodology, scoring and errors. Finally, the paper concludes with the allusion to some defective aspects of these studies and suggests other EFL writing trajectories for scholars to consider in future studies.


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RAKRAK, M. . (2020). EFL Writing Instruction Research in Morocco: A Historical Overview. Journal of World Englishes and Educational Practices , 2(6), 23-28. https://doi.org/10.32996/jweep.2020.2.6.3