A Survey of University Composition Education in Turkey

Composition Studies, International, Turkey, ELT, Rhetoric


  • Haris Haq
    Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia
June 30, 2021


Composition studies is something that is often associated with universities in the United States, characterized by elements such as FYC (First-Year Composition), writing centers, advanced writing training for graduate students, and so forth. Composition is by no means limited to any one country, but research on how it manifests itself in other contexts is limited. That is the case for Turkey as well, a nation that possesses its own unique infrastructure of composition education, influenced by its own challenges and lived environment. In this paper, that infrastructure is analyzed with regard to its context, purpose, aims, and outcomes. In this study, it was found that a framework for writing education exists in both public and private universities and is hand-in-hand with the English focus of certain educational programs. However, even up until the graduate level, there seem to be issues that draw attention to the educational experience that students receive. The small-scale studies that have been done to date give clues (that often correspond with each other) on where the problems lie, specifically in need for more feedback, instruction in writing and mechanics, and so forth.