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Analysis of the Research Status of Traditional Chinese Medicine Pension Industry Based on Bibliometrics


  • Shiqing Li School of Nursing, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing 100000, China


At present, the problem of population aging in China is becoming increasingly prominent, and the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and elderly care is becoming a hot topic. In this paper, VOSviewer was used to statistically and visually analyze the literature related to traditional Chinese medicine pension in CNKI database from 2013 to 2023. Firstly, we collected and sorted out the research literature on the Chinese medicine pension industry in recent years, and then used bibliometric methods to quantitatively analyze the quantity, quality and research fields of the literature. The study found that the number of research literature on the elderly care industry of traditional Chinese medicine has increased year by year, the research quality has been continuously improved, and the research field has gradually expanded. At the same time, we also found that the research hotspots of traditional Chinese medicine for the elderly care industry are mainly focused on elderly care services, traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, rehabilitation treatment, etc (Ge & Xu, 2023). In addition, this paper also puts forward the shortcomings and development directions of the research on the Chinese medicine pension industry in China and hopes that this study can provide useful reference and guidance for the development of the Chinese medicine pension industry. Based on the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) database as the main data source, this paper uses the topic search method in advanced search to search the CNKI database, and confirms that “Chinese medicine for the elderly” is used to read a large number of literature and understand the health care of traditional Chinese medicineAs the theme, the document format was set to see the full text only and Chinese and English extensions, the search time range was set from January 1th, 2013 to December 31th, 2023, the document type was set to academic journals, and the journal source category was set to all journals, a total of 149 articles were obtained, excluding news, publicity, interviews, correspondence and other literature that did not meet the research theme, and finally a total of 149 articles were obtained by manual screening 126 articles in Chinese. VOSviewer is an open-source network analysis tool, mainly used for scientific literature analysis, which can help users carry out visual analysis and network construction and is suitable for analyzing the research status of a certain field. In this paper, the VOSviewer visual analysis tool was used to process and analyze the literature data of 126 academic journals included in CNKI from 2013 to 2023, and the knowledge map of Chinese medicine pension in China was drawn, so as to visually analyze the author cooperation, hot topics and cutting-edge trends of Chinese medicine pension research in China.

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Journal of Medical and Health Studies

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5 (1)





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Li, S. (2024). Analysis of the Research Status of Traditional Chinese Medicine Pension Industry Based on Bibliometrics. Journal of Medical and Health Studies, 5(1), 51–56.



Traditional Chinese Medicine, Elderly Care Industry, Bibliometric Analysis