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Evaluation of Integrated Nutritional Intervention in Cases of Stunting with Chronic Skin Infections


  • Desi Nur Anggraini Puskesmas Kanigaran, Probolinggo, Indonesia


One in four toddlers in Indonesia is stunted, so the government is trying to reduce stunting by implementing integrated nutrition interventions. This case report aims to follow up on the results of the Stunting Case Audit (AKS) conducted by the Department of Health and across sectors by identifying risk factors for stunting, optimizing the role of Primary Health Care in clinically treating patients, and evaluating the implementation of integrated nutrition interventions that have been implemented. The patient is a toddler aged 25 months, weight 9.0 kg and height 78 cm, so the nutritional status according to the indicators of weight for age and height of age results in underweight and severe stunting. There are internal risks in patients, namely poor nutrition, poor personal hygiene, and chronic skin infections. In contrast, the external risks are the lack of parental income, a crowded home environment, and the mother's lack of knowledge about nutrition and health behavior. Forms of specific nutrition interventions include: handling skin infections and education on the practice of providing nutrition, while sensitive nutrition interventions include education on improving personal hygiene, providing PKH assistance, and building livable houses. The intervention and evaluation activities were carried out within 3 months. They resulted in improvements in providing nutrition, skin complaints, personal hygiene, and the implementation of PHBS in homes that were livable even though weight gain had not run optimally.

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Journal of Medical and Health Studies

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4 (4)





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Anggraini, D. N. (2023). Evaluation of Integrated Nutritional Intervention in Cases of Stunting with Chronic Skin Infections. Journal of Medical and Health Studies, 4(4), 111–118.



stunting, integrated nutritional intervention