The Impact of Obesity on Male Reproductive Functions

Obesity; Male Reproductive Functions; infertility; co-morbidities


  • Jehan Abdulla
    Consultant Physician & endocrinologist, Internal medicine department, Bahrain defense force hospital, Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain
September 18, 2022


Obesity is a major factor that can contribute to the risk of infertility in men. This study is aimed at assessing the impact of obesity on the parameters of male fertility. The study utilizes the comparative analysis of different research to determine how weight gain and obesity can interfere with the reproductive functions in men. The findings of this study indicate the strong association of obesity with co-morbidities, including male infertility, that is seriously affecting the male population. It also recognizes the role of management options such as weight reduction and antioxidant support for the prevention of obesity-linked infertility in men.