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Analysis of Heidegger's "On the Essence of Truth"


  • Feifei Yan Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai, China


The research background is "On the Essence of Truth", a monograph on philosophical research by the famous German philosopher Heidegger, which is compiled from his lecture notes. Its main content is that Heidegger gave his own answer to the question of the essence of truth by studying the works of ancient Greek philosopher Plato, especially "Reign" and "Theaetetus".The research goal of this paper is to try to reveal the core of "On the Nature of Truth" is that the essence of truth is freedom, and freedom reveals itself as the Being of beings; that is, it participates in the Un-Verbergung process of beings itself. The research methods I adopt are philology, hermeneutics, literature research and comprehensive text analysis. My main finding lies that freedom itself originates from the primordial nature of truth, the mystical operation in delusion, and the concealing operation of the concealed. Contributions to the field of my findings and key messages are the essence of truth is to clarify the origin, foundation and essence of truth through the clarification of the difference between beings and Being. This is of great help for people to understand and study Heidegger's "On the Essence of Truth" more clearly.

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

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5 (5)





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Yan, F. (2023). Analysis of Heidegger’s "On the Essence of Truth". Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, 5(5), 78–80.



Truth; Essence; Being; Dasein