Social Impact of "Take-out Fast Food" from the Perspective of Sociology



  • Luo Zhang Song
    School of Marxism, Qinghai Minzu University, Xining, China
19 January 2023


With the continuous development of the social economy, the "take-out fast food" industry has come into being and gradually comes into the public's view. This paper mainly analyzes the social impact of "take-out fast food" from a sociological perspective, i.e., the positive and negative impacts, and puts forward some constructive opinions and measures on how to make "take-out fast food" more environmentally friendly and healthy, which can help; In this regard, it is necessary to further strengthen the market supervision, enhance food quality and safety, strengthen the standardization of fast food delivery and enhance the safety awareness of riders, as well as to continuously strengthen the ability to deal with problems after the sale and to strengthen people's concept of green consumption.

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