Students' Strategies for Improving Their Listening Comprehension: A Review of Literature

Listening, understanding, techniques, problems, comprehensive strategies


10 January 2023


Listening is essential for functioning in various contexts throughout one's everyday life. People listen to audio for several reasons, including for their amusement, to learn academic material, or to acquire information that is valuable to them. When students seek to comprehend what they are taught in English, they often display a wide variety of hearing impairments. Because reading, writing, and language are stressed so heavily in schools, students often have trouble comprehending what they hear. Most course books and teachers do not emphasize how important it is to listen. This research focuses on challenges associated with hearing, listening, and comprehending what is being said. When instructors are aware of the obstacles their students confront in the classroom, they can better assist their students in creating effective listening habits and increasing their listening comprehension. This is because teachers are more able to empathize with their students' experiences. This article review highlights the significance of assisting students in developing efficient learning strategies and building their English listening capabilities. Students struggling with other topics may be seen by teachers who instruct English to foreign language speakers. In conclusion, the researcher provided some suggestions for educational activities that should be participated in by both students and instructors.