Analysis of China's Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutral Policy Agenda from the Perspective of the Multiple-Streams Approach

The Multiple-Streams Approach; Carbon peaking; Carbon neutrality


  • YANG PENG Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau, China
    Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau, China
5 January 2023


Global climate change and ecological environment destruction have become global problems that cannot be ignored. As the largest developing country, China faces the reality of emission reduction from the international community and the pressure of domestic environmental protection. Based on the policy process of carbon peak and carbon neutrality in China, the allocation and use of carbon peak policy tools in China are analyzed by using the Multiple-Streams Approach, and some insights are proposed, hoping to provide some thinking for related research. The initiation of China’s carbon peak and carbon neutrality policy agenda is inseparable from concerns about Problem Streams, discussions on policy streams, and the promotion of Political Streams, as well as the help of policy entrepreneurs. In the future, in the process of continuously promoting carbon peaking and carbon neutrality policies, China should be problem-oriented, continuously optimize policy guidelines, continue to deepen the political environment and promote comprehensive green transformation and sustainable economic and social development with "Double carbon" policies.

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