An In-depth Exploration on the Praxis of Computer-assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS)

Exploration, NVivo, Praxis, Qualitative data analysis, West Visayas State University


19 November 2021


NVivo is a methodological tool in analyzing qualitative data. The software belongs to the genre of Computer-assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS). This qualitative case study aimed to explore the practices of NVivo adopters within the West Visayas State University (WVSU) System, Academic Year 2019-2020. A researcher-made and foreshadowed Focus Group Discussion (FGD), in-depth interview, and observation protocols were utilized to gather data from the participants. The conceptual analysis was done using NVivo 12 Plus, while the researcher did the analytic analysis. The study revealed that the WVSU NVivo adopters are generally tech-savvy and stationed in the research office. Their speed of using the software varies. The adopters vary in terms of using NVivo- some were fast learners, while others were slow. They regularly ask questions from the researcher-resource speaker, though the NVivo manual of operation was distributed to them. Seven (7) themes have emerged that may optimize NVivo’s functionalities in qualitative data analysis. These themes are requirements for improved coding practices, the need for enhanced visualization skills; the importance of the knowledge on the NVivo research cycle; qualities of NVivo adopters; motivation in using NVivo; and practices for practical qualitative data analysis using NVivo. It is thus concluded that there is a need for WVSU administration to consider several mechanisms to improve the use of CAQDAS, specifically NVivo, in qualitative data analysis.