On Psychological Capital Affects Organizational Citizenship Behavior Through Affective Commitment

Psychological capital; affective commitment; organizational citizenship behavior


9 November 2021


This study explores the empirical effect of psychological capital (PsyCap) on organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) mediated by affective commitment. A questionnaire in the Likert scale model collected research data. The sample of this research is 469 teachers of senior schools in Indonesia selected by accidental sampling. Data analysis uses path analysis supported by descriptive statistics and correlational matrics. The study indicates that PsyCap significantly affects teachers’ OCB, directly and indirectly, mediated by affective commitment. Thus, the teachers’ OCB can enhance through PsyCap and affective commitment. Therefore, a new model regarding the effect of PsyCap on teachers’ OCB, mediated by affective commitment, was confirmed. Thus, the researchers and practitioners can adopt or adapt a new empirical model to increase teachers’ OCB through PsyCap and affective commitment in the future.